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How effective is Angioplasty?

  • About half the patients treated with a clot buster medication continue to have a significant blockage since the treatment breaks up blood clot but does nothing for the underlying blockage caused by atherosclerosis. In comparison, angioplasty takes care of the clot AND the blockage.
  • Brisk blood flow is restored in over 90% of cases.
  • The mortality (death) rate of heart attack patients treated with angioplasty is 60% lower than thrombolytic therapy alone (4.4% compared to 6.5%). Also, the risk of strokes is lower.
  • Only 5% of heart attack patients treated with angioplasty required a repeat procedure or heart surgery during 3-6 month follow-up, compared to 30% in patients treated with thrombolytic treatment alone.
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