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    Our mission at HeartSite.com is to provide information that will help patients and their families understand the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. An unbiased approach is the primary objective of the HeartSite.com Medical team. We aim to educate and NOT to advertise or promote a physician's practice, specific medications, devices or procedures. The information provided on this web site is meant to supplement and NOT to replace those obtained from your health care provider. Patients are encouraged to consult their primary health care provider because a specific disease, test or treatment may not be applicable to a given case.

To maintain a high level of educational content and avoid bias and distractions, we had previously opted to avoid the traditional use of advertising. However, to ensure future growth, expand the use of cutting edge Internet technology and help maintain a leadership role in health education, we recently started accepting Google ads.

If you or your company is interested in providing an unrestricted educational grant, send an e-mail to Customer Service.

Notice: Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links that are displayed in the right hand column. Advertisement is distinguished by the word "Ads by Google". We do not control Google ads content and our editorial content is free of any commercial influence. The site receives no other outside funding and is personally supported by the Medical Editor, Dr. Abdulla, as a public service.

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